Building an Online Store with Shopify

Start date: 05 November 2020

Duration: 5th, 10th & 12th November - 2pm - 5pm each day

Location: Online Live Webinar

Certificate: N/A

Cost: Free

Course code: N/A

Programme overview

This online session is designed for anyone who wants to understand how to use Shopify to create, manage and grow an e-commerce website for their business. It will provide participants with an introduction to how to set up and grow their Shopify store and drive online sales for their business.

For Irish SMEs, Shopify or WordPress/WooCommerce are two of the more obvious and popular solutions when it comes to creating an online store. We would encourage any business to investigate the right solution for their business. Shopify is a good solution if you want your website live quickly and have limited technical know-how.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the training programme, participants will:

• What is Shopify?
• How can you use Shopify to create an Ecommerce Website for Your Business?
• Shopify Features and Functionally
• What are Payment Gateways and how do you use them?
• What Information, Pages and Functionality should you include on Your Website?
• How to write website and product(s) copy?
• How to use Video and Imagery?
• How to use reviews?
• How to grow your online sales?

Who Is This Course For?

Small Business owners/managers
Sales & Marketing professionals


Session 1: Planning your Shopify Website

• How search engines such as Google work?
• What is SEO/SEM and how does it impact your business?
• How to conduct an audit/review of your existing website?
• DIY websites vs hiring a web designer.
• What is Shopify and Shopify pricing?
• How can you use Shopify to create an e-commerce website for your business?

Session 2: Creating Content for your Shopify Website

• Shopify features and functionally
• What information, pages and functionality should you include on your website?
• How to write website copy?
• How to use Video and Imagery?
• What is a blog and should you use one?

Session 3: Growing Online Sales via your Shopify Website

• How to create a digital marketing plan?
• How to build an online sale funnel and grow your e-commerce sales?
• How to do digital and content marketing for your Business?
• How to use reviews and other user-generated content?
• What is Google Analytics and how do you use it?

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