Procurement – How to Win Tenders

Start date: 14 October 2020

Duration: 9:30am - 12:30pm - 14th & 15th Oct

Location: Onlline Live Webinar

Certificate: N/A

Cost: €49 (€59 for Non Chamber Members)

Course code: N/A

Programme overview

This programme will show small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on how to win government contracts by using market information to build and benefit from relationships with buyers and collaborators.
Did you know…
• The Global Procurement market is worth $13 Trillion, the European market is worth €2.1Trillion and the All-Ireland market ‘just’ €13 Billion.
• Less than 10% of businesses compete for government contracts
• 25% of tenders receive just 1 proposal!!

Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of this workshop you will:

  • Increase Tender Knowledge
  • Improve your bid library by testing the content in competitions and identifying gaps
  • Write proposals which are of reasonable quality and capture the feedback.
  • Build and Streamline Tender Process
  • Find, qualify and compete for suitable tenders
  • Accurately measure of win/loss ratio
  • Initiate and increase supply chain collaboration
  • Measure and optimise on cost of competing in tender process
  • Measure revenue increase through tender participation
  • Provide guidance on market entry strategies

Who Is This Course For?

The size of the business is less important than the desire to be successful in tendering. This course is suitable for businesses with :

1. A product or service valued by governments and businesses who tender.

2. An appreciation for standardised sales processes

3. A willingness to go on the ‘tender journey’ that is to invest in a business transformation.


The programme content includes the following modules:

  1. How tendering works
  2. What Covid-19 means for tenders
  3. Debunking tendering myths
  4. Public vs Private Tendering
  5. Finding and Qualifying tenders
  6. When to bid and when not to
  7. Pre-bidding strategies including relationship management
  8. How to find contracts that are the right size for you
  9. The bid/no bid decision.
  10. How buyers buy
  11. Everything about collaboration and where to find collaborators
  12. Getting a competitive edge
  13. Writing better proposals
  14. building your proposal content library
  15. Improving performance based on competition outcomes
  16. Debriefs and challenging outcomes

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