Resilience at Work

Start date: 18 February 2021

Duration: 18th Feb & 33rd Feb - (9:30am - 12:30pm)

Location: Online

Cost: €110 (€139 for non Chamber & Non Network Members)

Course code: N/A

Programme overview

Against the new workplace normal of turbulence, complexity and pressure, resilience has become a ‘must have’ attribute. To date, focus has mainly been on how to help individuals thrive. This is despite long-standing recognition that sustainable change at work is best achieved through a systemic approach that considers the interplay between people, their leaders, the teams they work within and the workplace challenges faced.

This workshop provides a validated framework, the Resilience at Work® ([email protected]) Toolkit that assists you to build resilience in a systemic way. The Toolkit has been designed specifically for the workplace and provides a holistic roadmap of the practical actions needed to concurrently build resilience in individuals, teams and leaders within their operating environment. The [email protected] Scale is scientifically researched measure of individual workplace resilience that measures the seven components that interrelate and contribute to overall resilience.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the training programme, participants will:

  • Validated and specifically designed for the workplace
  • Relates to everyday work behaviours that can be changed rather than personality factors
  • Takes into account the impact of the organisational context in which people are working
  • Considers management of current work challenges
  • Provides a comprehensive feedback report that is easily translated into practical actions
  • Places emphasis on building strengths in addition to better managing the stress and specific issues people are facing
  • Provides benchmarking on the seven components of personal work resilience
  • Takes a holistic approach and considers all aspects of resilience – physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual (purpose and values)
  • Is quick and easy to administer, taking only 5-10 minutes to complete on-line.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is best suited to all particularly those in positions of responsibility


S1: Living Authentically

Knowing and holding onto your personal values, deploying your strengths, and having a good level of emotional awareness and regulation.

S2: Finding your Calling

Having work that offers purpose and a sense of belonging. Aligning work with core values and beliefs.

S3: Maintaing Perspective

Staying optimistic and keeping a solution focus when things go wrong. Reframing setbacks and minimising the impact of any negtivity around you.

S4: Mastering Stress

Having work and life routines that help you manage your everyday stressors. Working to create work-life balance and ensuring time for relaxation and recovery.

S5: Interacting Co-Oprtatively

Seeking feedback, advice and support and also providing support readiy to others

S6: Staying Healthy

Maintaining a good level of physical fitness, having a healthy diet and getting adequate sleep.

S7: Building Networks

Developing and maintaining the personal and professional networks at home and at work in order to perform well in your job.

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