Time Management

Start date: 11 March 2020

Duration: 1 Day (9:15am - 4:30pm)

Location: Creative Spark, Dundalk

Certificate: N/A

Cost: €129 (€159 for Non Chamber / Skillnet Members)

Course code: N/A

Programme overview

Time management is a core business management skill which has been around for years. Despite this we are no better at time management today than our predecessors were twenty or thirty years ago. Over the years many myths have grown around time management. One of them is that we can in fact 'manage time'. We can't. We can, however, manage ourselves and our own behaviour.

During this workshop Sean will explore why you can’t plan effectively without applying the time management balance sheet principle. He will differentiate between being busy and focusing on important activities and tasks. Underpinning this workshop is the need for people move away from the outdated “to do lists” and start prioritising and scheduling your day, week and month using proven business principles.

Getting the right things done consistently, will improve the quality of your performance. All the principles covered in the workshop can be applied immediately so that you can benefit from your action plan without delay. During this session Sean McLoughney will share some of his insights from his latest book.

Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Move away from the outdated “to do lists” approach to planning your day and upgrade to the business planning approach
  • Stay ahead of deadlines by applying the time management balance sheet rule
  • Analyse how you spend your time and implement changes to improve your daily, weekly and monthly routines
  • Deal with difficult people who steal your time by interrupting you regularly
  • Divide your day into manageable chunks of productive time
  • Implement your 100-day action plan to improve how you use your time

Who Is This Course For?

This workshop will help anyone who works in a busy environment and would like to get the best return on their time, anyone who finds it difficult to plan their day and anyone who find themselves constantly fighting deadlines.


  • Principle 1


    Planning & scheduling to make it happen

    Transform how you use a “to do” list which will ensure a more results focused approach. Prioritise the important things in your work and not just the urgent things. Improve your thinking process and decision making to become more results focused.


    Principle 2


    Time management balance sheet

    Start using the Time Management Balance Sheet principle which keeps you ahead of deadlines through better planning and scheduling of important tasks. Understand how much you have available for the important stuff.


    Principle 3


    Time audit – knowing how you spend your time

    Conduct a personal time audit to understand how you really spend your time, as opposed to how you think you use your time; understand the real issues instead of the perceived problems. Establish how much time is wasted through interruptions.


    Principle 4 Impact/Influence model

    Reduce the amount of interruptions that occur every     day and use this time to get the important stuff done.


    We will also explore

    • the skills of managing people, their expectation levels and being assertive.
    • knowing when to say no; how to say no in a positive way.
    • how different types of people affect you in your day to day activities, how they steal your time and how to deal with their interruptions.
    • a plan to get started from day one, your 100-day action plan for improvement

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